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Bees and wasps sting can cause some serious health issues to both humans and pets. So, if you are noticing a bee or wasps infestation at your place, then reach out to us. We are trusted by thousands of clients for bees and wasps infestation removal. We are leading the industry for many years and have well maintained our reputation by giving top-notch bees and wasp pest removal services. The techniques and solutions used by our team of bee and wasp removal Mornington team will give you the best results. We give our clients peace of mind by helping them get rid of bees and wasps safely and thoroughly. Our bee exterminator team has been working in this industry for many years and has rich experience. So, reach out to us on 03 4050 7737 and experience top-quality bee pest control service in Mornington. 

We Remove All Kinds Of Bees And Wasps Infestations in Mornington

Our team of experts can treat almost all kinds of bees and wasps species in Mornington. We have the proper equipment and skills to remove any kind of bees and waps infestation on your property. Also, our team of bee and wasp removal Mornington uses suitable methods according to the type of species. Below given are the common bees and wasps that we almost remove daily: 

  • Honey Bees: One of the most common bee species that we are experts in removing is the honey bee. The size of the honey bee is a half-inch. Besides, they are brown in colour and are hairy. Honey bees live in big size colonies consisting of 50,000 individuals. Also, they sting humans if their nest is disturbed. 
  • Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bees are another species found in Mornington. They are known to feed on wood. Besides, they make tunnels in the wood and damage it. Also, they do look like bumble bees. You can easily identify them with their black abdomen and shiny body. Our team uses proven techniques to remove the carpenter bees.
  • Bumble Bees: The yellow and black striped bees are bumble bees. They are usually found in the wall voids or under porches. You can also detect bumble bee nests in rodent burrows. They are ½ to 1 inch long and their nests contain 200 individuals. 
  • Yellowjackets: Yellowjackets are one of the most dangerous and aggressive pests. Over years, we come across many yellowjackets sting cases. Besides, yellowjackets can sting repeated times as they do not lose their stingers easily. If you see a waps with a yellow and black striped abdomen, then do not take any risk and call our expert wasp exterminator.
  • Paper Wasps: You can find the paper wasp’s nests hanging like umbrellas from overhangs and eaves. Moreover, they are one of the most common wasps present in Mornington, Australia. They are ¾ inch long and resemble yellow jackets with black and yellow colour. We are also available for European wasp nest removal.
  • Hornets: You might not know but hornets are a large species of yellow jackets. They are well known for their bald face. Hornets are ¾ inch long. Moreover, they are black and white and have white faces. The nest of hornets looks like a basketball hanging from different structures and tree limbs. Our effective wasp treatment will help you get rid of any type of hornets. 

How Does Our Professional Team Manages Bees And Wasps?

Our professional team of bee and wasp removal Mornington thoroughly manages the bees and wasps by following the right and effective procedure. Besides, we do the bee relocation with a lot of safety and care. The method we follow to get rid of wasp nest or bee nest is as follows: 

  • Areas of nest and hives inspection: We firstly do the inspection of wasp nests and bee hive areas to know the size of infestation and type of species.
  • Bees and wasps removal present around: In our next step, our team will thoroughly remove the bees and waps residing or flying around the areas using proper techniques.
  • Removing The Nest of bees and waps: To remove the nest of bees and waps. We mostly spray the pesticides safely. Moreover, we either follow chemical treatment or non-chemical treatment.
  • If Required, We Destroy The Nest: In many cases, it becomes essential to destroy the nest. Our professionals will take care while destroying the nest.
  • Final Inspection: In the end, our team of bee and wasp removal Mornington will do post-inspection to make sure there is no sign of bees or waps left in your place. 

What Is The Process Of Bees Building Their Hives And Wasps Their Nests?

To build a hive, bees chew the wax. The bee does the chewing until the wax becomes soft. Later, it adds the wax to the cell of a honeycomb. Once the worker bees get into the hive, the texture of the wax will remain in control. The queen wasps construct the nest. Using her saliva, the queen waps will break down the wood fibres. Besides, it will break the wood fibres until they become soft paper pulp. In the end, it fills the mouth with paper pulp and flies away to create the nests in the particular chosen building. 

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If you are in need of same-day bee and waps removal service in Mornington, then get in touch with us. With the help of our local team of experts, we render same-day bee control and waps removal services to our clients. Moreover, our team of bee and waps removal Mornington is also available for emergency service. You can get in touch with us at any time and we will send our team soon to help you in the best way. To book our service, call on our helpline number now. 


1) What prices do you charge for bee hive removal?

Our beehive removal cost is very nominal. We only provide a budget-friendly bee removal service in Morngrhton.

2) Do you provide your wasp nest removal service on Sundays in Mornington?

Yes, we’re available to offer wasp removal service 7 days a week. You can call us and make an appointment for Sunday. 

3) What should I do If I find an aggressive bee colony at my place?

Do not disturb the colony. Besides, make sure you are closing the doors and windows for a while and immediately reaching out to our professionals for emergency help.