How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants In Your Yard?

Fire Ants In Your Yard

If you are looking for answers to “How to get rid of fire ants in your yard”, then we have some tips for you. Fire ants are one of the deadly and irritating insects in your home. Therefore, it requires some special attention to eliminate them from your home.

There are a couple of solutions for treating fire ants effectively. But, before that, you need to know a few things about fire ants. And here, we will be talking about them to help you treat fire ants effectively.

Reason Behind The Fire Ant Accumulation

If you leave your yard unattended for a long time, fire ants will be a regular thing. Therefore, it is always best to mow your yard once in a while. This way, the organisms, including fire ants, cannot make a permanent nest.

Food and shelter are the basic things for all organisms. Therefore, if your yard has fruit-bearing trees, fire ants become attracted to that. So, you can stop fire ants trespassing your yard by regular mowing and taking care of trees.

Keep Your House Clean

Any carbohydrate is an ideal source of food for fire ants. Therefore, make sure to keep your home and yard clean. Always store your foods in airtight containers, mop the area after eating. So, the ants do not get access to any food. Eventually, the fire ants leave the place without any source of edibles.

Home Remedies For Fire Ant Treatment

Even though fire ants are a dangerous thing for any household, it is still manageable with some home remedies. One of the most sought home remedies for fire ants is spraying pepper water. For that, you have to add a few pieces of pepper to boiling water and sprinkle the water over the ant nest. The pepper kills them right away.

If you are looking for a long term fire ant treatment, use lemon water and spray it on the ant colony and in the entrance of the nest. With regular spraying, the lemon water provides a long term effect on fire ants.

One of the most long term fire ants treatments is using diatomaceous earth in yards. The powdery soil scraps the exoskeleton of the ants. Eventually, it causes dehydration and loss of body fluids in the fire ants.

Professional Ant Control Service

Lastly, in the case of severe ant’s accumulation in your garden, you need to look for a professional pest controller. A professional pest controller knows the habitat and behaviour of fire ants better than you. They know the latest insect eradication methods and handling pest control tools.

Moreover, it is far safer with professional pest controllers, as they have the needed protective gears. So, they can exterminate the fire ants from your yard without hampering your garden décor. So, these are a few tips and tricks for treating fire ants effectively from your yards. 

If the problem persists after the home remedies, you can contact pest our Pest Control Mornington expert. The pest controllers are knowledgeable and experienced in treating any kinds of ants from your yard. So, you can expect a guaranteed fire ant-free yard after servicing.