Top Natural Ways To Remove Sugar Ants Of The Kitchen

Sugar ants are common in every home and they can be seen on kitchen countertops or cabinets in search of sugary food. However, these ants can invade your home and can cause infestation. To prevent them from spreading, it’s important to get rid of them.

Remove Sugar Ants
Remove Sugar Ants

Here are some of the natural ways following which one can do ant control with ease-

  1. Lemon oil

For Ant Control, you can also use lemon eucalyptus oil which acts as a natural repellent for ants as well as bugs. This sort of natural oil is mainly extracted from the lemon tree which can suffocate sugar ants. 

So, all that you need to do is to take a cotton ball and then dip it with undiluted oil. After doing this, you need to place it in areas where sugar ants are seen. This is a crucial way to prevent sugar ants from entering your home. Make sure to replace these cotton balls with a new one every week to get effectiveness.

  1. Using white vinegar

If you’re in search of a natural way to remove sugar ants from your kitchen then you should start using white vinegar. This is one of the best ways of repelling and killing the sugar ants. All that you need to do is to prepare a mixture of water and white vinegar in equal quantities. After this, you need to spray this mixture on ants and the affected areas.

Spray it on the floor and kitchen countertops also to remove sugar ants naturally. As the vinegar dries quickly, there will be no smell in your home. Try this effective pest solution once or twice a month to get rid of the ants.

  1. Remove the food sources

One of the things that attract ants in your home is the food crumbs and leftover food on the floor and countertops. The sugary items are one of their favorites which attracts them. Therefore all that you need to do is to remove the food sources that attract them. Make sure you have cleaned the countertops after finishing cooking. Also if there are food crumbs on the floor or countertop then you need to keep it clean. Apart from this, it is also necessary that you dispose of the garbage every day and keep the dustbin covered. In this way, you can remove the sugar ants from your kitchen.

  1. Boric acid

Another important natural way that is perfect for Affordable Pest Control is the use of boric acid which works as poison for sugar ants. Mix boric acid with some sugar and dissolve it in water. Dip a cotton ball in it and keep the cotton ball in all the corners.


The above mentioned ways are great for getting rid of sugar ants from home in a natural way. Try these natural tips if you are fed up with ant attacks and infestation in your home. You can also hire the best pest control services.