How To Kill And Prevent Mosquitoes From Your Yard?

Mosquitoes are small flying insects which eat or drink human blood. These insects can cause harm to us because when they bite us then due to their bite the bitten area gets swell up. Mosquitoes also cause malaria but no one knows how? So when the mosquitoes bite then they inject protozoa named bacteria in us which cause malaria. Mosquitoes do not cause malaria but that bacteria causes malaria. These mosquitoes are only the carrier of protozoa. Not all mosquitoes carry protozoa but only female anopheles carry it. These are mostly in the summer season because they have cold blood. 

Mosquitoes Control Services

Different Ways To Kill Or Prevent Mosquitoes From Your Yard:-

Mosquitoes are dangerous for our health. They also cause dengue. You should remove or kill these mosquitoes from the houses and yards. There are some pest control services to kill or prevent Mosquitoes.

  1. Use Camphor:- Firstly, we can use Camphor(Kapoor). By firing them the mosquitoes will not enter your yards or houses. The smell produced by the camphor is not liked by mosquitoes. So they will stay away from your house.
  2. Use Pesticides or simple sprays:- Secondly, we can use pesticides or simple sprays which can kill mosquitoes. For. E.g. Mortein, blackhit etc.  Are there some types of sprays which are very helpful in killing mosquitoes? We have to spray it on the dark areas where you find mosquitoes mostly.
  3. Use Neem:- Thirdly we can use neem, by leaving neem’s leaf in the mosquitoes prone areas. These neem’s produce a smell which is unpleasant for them. So the mosquitoes will be scared to enter your house. We can also use neem’s water spray. We can make it by mixing neem’s leaf with some water and keep it away for some time in an undisturbed position. This spray is very helpful because we can spray it everywhere instead of putting leaf’s everywhere.
  4. Avoiding clogging of water:- Next we can just avoid mosquitoes by avoiding clogging of water anywhere because the dirty water can attract mosquitoes and they can also reproduce in that clogged area. We should encourage the services launched by the government. The serving agent is appointed by the government. Sprays medicine in water clogging areas. This is a very good initiative by the government.
  5. Keeping the house neat and clean:- Last but not least is by keeping the house neat and clean. We should clean our houses twice a day to avoid mosquitoes from entering our yards and  houses. Cleaning is the basic requirement of the house which keeps the house attractive to other people. We should use a good cleaning agent while cleaning the house. 


It is the prime responsibility to maintain our health. This can be done only by avoiding mosquitoes entering into houses. There should be rules to clean the house in order to ensure that no part of the house remains without cleaning. The above written pest control ways are very natural but some are not natural. If everyone uses the natural ways then you can also avoid mosquitoes. You can also hire the best Mosquitoes Control company.