How To Control Mosquito Infestation

If you have a threat in your mind that a mosquito bite can create health-related issues or they can make your sleep disturbed, then you are not wrong in any way. You would want to get rid of mosquito infestation. If you use a few pest control techniques and a few home remedies then you can get rid of the mosquito problem.

Mosquito Infestation
Mosquito Infestation

Read on the options given below that you can use to get rid of mosquito infestation.

1. Use some mosquito repellent plants in your home

If you keep mosquito repellent plants like basil plants at the entrance or outside your home then you will be surprised to see the results. You will see that there will be a curb on the insects and mosquitoes. This is a natural way to get rid of the pests including the mosquitoes.

2. Declutter your home and get rid of the dirty things

You must check your home thoroughly and see if there are any spots where there is too much dirt. Get rid of fire ants and things that are a waste. You must organize your home well and de-clutter it. This will automatically help you fight off mosquitoes.

3. Keep a dish of soapy water in the corner of your home

There’s one home remedy that you can try and this includes keeping the dish of soapy water in the corner of your home. This will attract the mosquitoes over there and it will work as bait for them. They will get trapped there and hence you can get out of the trouble.

4. Lemons and cloves are a natural mosquito fighter

If you feel that mosquitoes have got into your life and are bothering you a lot then you need to keep sliced lemons and cloves in the corners of the house. Make sure that you just don’t forget any of the corners. This will automatically help you get rid of these little pests.

5. Do not let standing water be in your home

Mosquitoes get attracted to damp areas and hence if you have an unclean bathroom and if there is a presence of standing water in your home then it can become a point of attraction for the mosquitoes as well as the other pests.

6. Get the pest control done in your home

If you want to get rid of all sorts of pests including mosquitoes then you need to call a professional pest control company. They have the relevant chemicals that will help you to get rid of the mosquitoes. Fogging is one of the best remedies for mosquitoes.


The most important thing that you need to do is to reduce the mosquitoes from the source. So, try and get ahead with conditions that are not favorable for pests and insects like mosquitoes. Find the best pest control company in Mornington that can assist you. Also, understanding which home remedy for controlling the mosquitoes will give you good results. So, combination therapy can provide you freedom from pests.